Conveyancing and Buying and Selling Property in Spain

All legal aspects of buying or selling a property dealt with

The legal process involved in buying or selling a property is conveyancing. Thus clients using a English speaking lawyer in Spain is essential. As it avoids future problems when conveyancing and buying and selling property in Spain. Importantly, Molina Solicitors is on the list of trusted lawyers published by the British Consulate of Alicante. Thus, you can rely on us to deal with your conveyancing and buying and selling of property properly.

Conveyancing of New Build Property

Do you realise that a lawyer is essential when dealing with the purchase of a new build property. Developers often say they can save money for clients. But not using your own legal representation can cost money in the long run. Building permissions, guarantees, all these things and more, must be checked.

Conveyancing of Resale Property

You should always use a lawyer to assist with the purchase of resale property. Many of the cases we see that have gone wrong are because no one helped with the purchase. Do not sign a contract or put a deposit down on a property in Spain without speaking to a lawyer and having basic checks done. This is very important. Once a deposit has been paid, it is very hard sometimes to get it back if you change your mind or there is a problem.

Costs of Buying and Selling Property

It makes sense for you to be fully informed of the costs of buying and selling a property. To understand purchase taxes, capital gains tax, town hall tax and your legal obligations. Do you realise that if you sell a property you need an up to date certificate of habitation. Plus an energy efficiency certificate in place. If you have seen a property you wish to purchase, or have one to sell, let us know and we will help you from the first beginning.