Commercial Property

You should refer to a lawyer for legal company matters not just an accountant

Legal companies and entities in Spain are very heavily regulated in Spain. The rules for commercial issues and commercial property are different from Britain.

Above all clients should not make the mistake of assuming that regulations are similar to their home country. The area is a complicated one. Many mistakes are made by people operating as they do in their home country. They do not not realise that the law is different in Spain. In addition, so is the practice relating to commercial matters.

It is best therefore to always seek the advice of an asesor or accountant with regard to tax issues. And a company lawyer with regard to legal matters. Thus, at Molina Solicitors we do not deal with accountancy as we are a law firm.

Using a Lawyer for Commercial Issues

You should use a lawyer if you are thinking of starting a Company. This is so the right structure and methods are used right from the beginning. Also for changing share ownership agreements. We recommend it if you have a problem with shareholders. Furthermore, you should be fully aware of all your commercial obligations. Plus any possible problems that could arise.

Commercial Property

Anybody buying property in Spain or selling should use a lawyer. This is even more applicable if you have a Company. Particularly one that is going to purchase or sell property. Or if you intend to buy commercial property. We can assist with almost all commercial property transactions.

We have considerable knowledge of commercial law. Advice can be provided by us on the best way to proceed with commercial property purchases. For instance, the structures, pitfalls to avoid etc. Furthermore, we can also deal with any problems that may have arisen. Of course, we are very experienced in contract law including for commercial property.

Please contact us to discuss your commercial issues and we will consider the matter for free.