Establishing a Company and Company Law

With companies, it is preferable to seek legal advice before problems arise

Establishing a company in Spain or purchasing property in Spain? Or dealing with other commercial issues? If yes, other than for issues relating to tax (for which you need a specialised tax adviser), you should read this. As you should be aware that there are major differences in company law in Spain from other countries like the UK.

Establishing a Company

Legal entities are strongly regulated in Spain. Corporate law is complex. Our senior solicitor is able to advise on regulations affecting companies and how they should be established. Also, how they should operate and shareholders agreements. This aspect is very common in Spain for the running of companies. They not only must be recorded in the appropriate registry but also should be adhered to.

Opening a Company

Primarily, there are two main types of corporates in Spain which are legal entities;

  • public limited companies – known as “Sociedad Anónima” or SA
  • private limited companies – known as “Sociedad Limitada” or SL

SLs are commonly used by companies in Spain. However, it is worthwhile you meeting a solicitor experienced in these types of corporate law matters. In order to to discuss the use of different companies or the use of the different types of partnerships in Spain.

More often than not, companies are not established in the best way at the outset. Or as they grow and investment is required. Unfortunately our advice is needed when problems arise and people sue you.

Buying Company Property

Company law is both complicated and highly regulated. We recommend you have a meeting to take professional advice. Especially, before establishing a company. Also when making important changes to shareholder agreements. Or when buying or selling property owned by a Company. Or buying or selling commercial property.

If you require advice on any of these issues, please contact us.

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