Criminal Matters

Domestic Violence, Assault, Robbery, Fraud and other crimes, we can help

In Spain, there are a number of lawyers who specialise in penal or criminal matters. Also known as criminal law. However, it can be difficult to find one who speaks fluent English. Thus over the years we have helped a number of clients with criminal matters in this area.

Criminal cases have ranged from defences for drink driving to serious fraud. We have a great deal of experience in penal law and helped many clients.

We suggest, that if you are going to Court, you check with us first whether you need your own solicitor with you. As it may not be in your best interests to go alone and rely on a Court provided solicitor and translator (depending on the nature of the problem).

The police in Spain take matters of suspected domestic violence very seriously. We have aided clients in the past accused of this, as well as the victims. In addition, there are times whereby emotions have run high. Fights have led to accusations of grievous bodily harm and assaults, which need an experienced defence lawyer to assist.

In addition, with relation to criminal matters, if you are called as a witness, having seen or reported a crime, then many clients do not realise that if you receive a call from a Spanish Court, you must go. Unless you can send the Court proof of why you are unable to attend (proof of flights for a holiday for example). Also the expenses will be for your own account (they will not be covered). It is important to realise this when making a denuncia or police report.

If you need any assistance with matters of a criminal nature, such as domestic violence issues, drink driving, assault cases, or robbery, for example, please contact us.

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