Help With Deeds Issues

Every aspect of your property’s deed issues addressed

Molina Solicitors have years of experience of changing deeds and help with deeds issues. This can be due to changes of ownership. Or to dealing with problems with deeds such as the property not being registered initially. Moreover, deeds being incorrect, and also giving a property back to the Bank. We detail more in this section as to how we can assist you in many ways related to deeds issues.

Changes of Ownership

Changes of ownership and help with deeds issues can take place in a number of ways. Firstly, a simple division of joint tenancy or dissolution of ownership. For example, two co-owners are married and wish to transfer the deeds to one name following a divorce. Or two brothers decide to split the ownership. Or two business partners. Our page on division of joint tenancy can help with this.

Donation or Gifting of Property or Early Inheritance is another way we can help with deeds issues. Perhaps someone is becoming elderly and no longer wants the responsibility of the property. It can often be passed to adult children in a tax-efficient manner. Due to impending tax changes, this is a matter that should currently be looked at in Murcia and Valencia regions.

You Don’t Have the Deeds

This is one of the deeds issues that can vary considerably how we can help. It may be the deeds are in your name but you never got a copy. Or have lost them. In this case, we can help you obtain your deeds.

Much more seriously, we are familiar with cases whereby a client never got the deeds in their name. However, they had paid the full purchase price for the house. Currently, we have a number of class actions against the solicitors and agents for this type of case.

Deeds Issues Such as Wrong Numbering

We have also even helped resolved deeds issues such as two buyers being given the wrong numbers for a garage or a plot of land. These types of technical issues take a while to sort out, but eventually matters get resolved.

If you need any help with deeds issues please let us know by email and explain your particular situation and we will consider it for free.