Buying a Property in Spain

Be aware when purchasing a property it is advisable to use a lawyer

Buying a Property in Spain or purchasing property. There are some important differences when buying a property in Spain as opposed to many other countries. Debts are attached to the property. Thus they need to be known and settled before the buyer purchases the property. Otherwise the buyer will then own the house and be responsible and liable in the future.

This could range from a minor unpaid water bill to the previous owner’s outstanding mortgage. We cannot stress more that matters must be checked thoroughly using professional help when buying a property in Spain. This also includes when it is a Rent to Buy property.

Conveyancing and Buying a Property

We assist with all the steps involved in the legal side of buying a property in the Alicante and Murcia regions and Rent to Buy properties. First of all making sure that a property is fully legal. Also that it is owned by the seller. Whether it has a mortgage or charges registered against it, then if there are other debts , getting all the legal paperwork sorted.

Power of Attorney and NIE

We also organise a Notary appointment, NIE numbers (which are needed to purchase property in Spain). We can arrange a power of attorney if required, calculation and payment of taxes has to be done. Of course, we liase with the Estate Agent, the seller’s solicitor and above all, check everything carefully.

English Speaking Help

You can communicate with us in English by email, telephone and in person. We understand that you are going to have questions about the property process. Also about the obligations you will have in the future being a Spanish property owner. We will help you with the purchase of your house in Spain, whether it is an outright purchase or a rent to buy. And as part of our ongoing relationship, we will help with other matters here. Such as how to pay your taxes or deal with any problems that may arise.

If you are thinking of buying a property in Spain outright or as a rent to buy and wish to discuss this please contact us and we will be delighted to help.