Drawing Up of Contracts

Posted in: Civil Law

Many clients do not realise that we can assist with drawing up of contracts, from a simple contract to something more personalised and complicated.

Purchase and Sale

When clients make an agreement to purchase or sell a house, the first thing that should be done is to draw up a contract to reflect the agreement. Especially before any money is paid. We can assist with these types of contracts. We adapt them to the conditions of the purchase or sale, firstly dealing with a reservation agreement and then the main purchase or sale agreement. Our website covers more on this.

Option to Buy Purchase/Rent to Buy Purchase

These are two deals in one contract; a rent to buy and an option to purchase. It is very important that these contracts are prepared carefully and understood, as they are legally binding. We have written a separate article on this issue.

Rental Contracts

One of the more common contracts that we assist with drawing up. A simple private agreement between a property owner and a prospective tenant. We can prepare the contract and also, more importantly, advise on the current laws in this area which are generally in a tenant’s favour. There are more details also on our website. We can also help with problems with rental contracts.

Commercial Unit Contracts

From time to time, someone approaches us who is setting up a business and renting a unit. We do not deal with the accountancy and laboral issues. However, we can assist with setting up a limited company and also the rental contract (or purchase contract) for a commercial unit.

Private Contracts

Fairly frequently, a situation arises, usually when dealing with a family law matter that a private contract may be required. Perhaps in relation to a donation and gifting of property between family members to cover a situation in the future. Alternatively often when a dissolution of joint ownership of a property is done. Perhaps one party is absolved of paying the mortgage in future or some other arrangement. Contracts can very useful for resolving issues related to co-owned property or where one person wishes to be removed from the deeds. Legal contracts can often be a very simple and effective way of solving a problem. Clients do not need to be concerned about validity as the law in Spain gives full validity to these contracts.

Common Law Partners

It is a good idea for unmarried couples to get a lawyer to draw up a private agreement between them. It is legally binding and inexpensive and can avoid a lot of problems.

Divorce Agreements

Finally, just a reminder really that we can assist with simple or more complex divorces, the terms of which will be stated in an agreement. Our website covers much more on this, both for notary divorces and standard agreed divorces.

You would be surprised what problems can be solved with a simple legal contract so please send us your problem or situation and we will advise on the best way it can be dealt with.