Tax and Administration

Our lawyers are able to assist with tax and administration matters. It is difficult for someone (particularly a foreigner) to deal directly with the Tax office.

We can provide legal assistance with tax inspections and claims, working alongside an accountant. Also with procedures contesting cadastral values and comparisons of property values. These matters can be very complex and difficult even for a professional.

An example could be where the Suma tax is vastly different for two neighbours with identical properties. Another example may be a company under investigation from the tax office because of negligence by an accountant. This may need help in working with a new accountant to rectify matters and to claim against the former for misrepresentation and negligence.

We have had other cases such as after selling a property, money was retained for the 3% tax (for capital gains tax) by a solicitor. However no tax form was submitted. Thus the money effectively stolen. We have made thousands of Appeals to the Tax Office for claims for purchase tax (complementarias), plusvalia tax (town hall tax) when both not applicable.

Non-Resident Tax

Many people seem confused about this tax or believe they do not need to pay it. Non-Resident property owners in Spain have the legal obligation to pay different taxes on owned property. One is Suma/IBI (council tax). Another is non-resident tax (a small income tax). Despite some people ignoring this we are seeing recently many claims for unpaid tax going back years. Molina Solicitors can help you pay non-resident tax. We can assist with problems with Suma/IBI. Or simply arrange for it to be on direct debit.

Please contact us to discuss any issues to do with tax and administration issues.

Our Tax and Administration services