Public and Administration

We are experienced at town hall, planning and administrative matters

Public and Administration legal issues refer to an area of law where matters come up before government tribunals and boards, rather than in the usual Courts. The aim is for these hearings not to be caught up in the overloaded general Court system, thereby hopefully reaching a swifter resolution to the issue.

Types of Public and Administration Cases

These types of public and administration hearings in Spain include land and planning, and also taxes. They also include types of mediation hearings associated to disputes over debts for example.


Fortunately these types of cases often involve mediation and are less expensive than the general Courts as a Clerk of Courts does not need to be engaged, only a Lawyer, with the aim of reaching a mutual agreement.

If there is a problem, for example, with a boundary issue with a neighbour, for example, then this would be a civil matter and would need the civil courts. If it is a problem with the government (e.g. the tax office) or a town hall then this would come under administrative jurisdiction.

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