Property Litigation

Experts in all areas of property litigation

Our greatest legal expertise within Molina Solicitors is possibly property litigation. Perhaps due to the problems we have seen over the years in this area and all the issues we have dealt with, our solicitors have a great deal of experience and success with these cases.

Our property litigation cases include recovering lost off-plan deposits as following a Supreme Court Judgement it is now possible in many cases to sue the Builder’s bank when in many cases the constructor has gone into bankruptcy and hope was lost. This has given help to many people who through they would never see the deposits they put down years ago again and we have been very successful with these. 

We also deal with cases whereby there has been a breach of contract by a developer, maybe the property not having been built in accordance with building plans or within the time period agreed. Various problems have occurred in this type of case and we are extremely able at resolving these matters through the Courts if necessary.

Another side to our property litigation case load is that we have become known as the barristers to approach when sometimes all hope seems lost and we do not shy away, if necessary, from taking a difficult route to recover clients’ money, if we feel the case is a strong one by suing estate agents or other solicitors for their negligence in property dealings. If you wish to discuss your case please contact us.