Personal Injury

Assistance with these types of cases in our local area

Personal injury enquiries are quite common. We have been approached by many clients seeking redress for personal injury or damage from personal accidents.

We have a great deal of experience in these type of cases in Spain.

Causes of Personal Injury

You may have a personal injury case because of a wet floor in a supermarket causing you to fall and break a bone. Or it may be a case of being hit on a pedestrian crossing by a car. Perhaps you were on a bicycle and knocked off the bicycle or motorbike by a vehicle. Or you were swimming in the sea and hurt by a careless jet ski.

There are many varied causes of a personal accident or injury and the Spanish law allows you to claim for damages and compensation.

It is important to remember that in Spain the levels of compensation do not equate to those of the USA, UK or Ireland for example. But a personal injury claim can see you recompensed for expenses you have incurred, lost income and compensation for pain/suffering.  The accident must have happened in Spain for us to help you. We are only able to assist with cases in the Valencia or Murcia regions.

Proof for Personal Injury Claims

To win a personal injury case it is essential that we prove the relationship between the negligence or circumstance that caused the accident and the damages.

Evidence is very important in these cases.

For example: if you fell down in a supermarket because of liquid spilt on the floor, there must be photographs or a video of the water on the floor.

There also has to be proof that you were in the supermarket; a witness, a receipt, a car park ticket for example. There also cannot be something to negate the claim.

For example, that you split the liquid, or you were very inebriated or there was a warning sign right next to the spilt liquid as someone had gone to get a mop.

Not all the accidents can be claimed. The victim can be responsible for an accident and thus not have a valid personal injury claim. For example, if you are crossing the street 50 metres from a pedestrian crossing, there could be a problem with the claim. However if you were on the pedestrian crossing and hit by a car there could be a valid case.

In addition, sometimes with accidents the person had been drinking, for example. In this case, or something similar, it depends how the alcohol affected the victim, but a Judge will take this aspect from the medical reports into consideration when studying the case.

Time Limitation

The time limitation in personal injury cases is relatively short as it is 1 year since the accident or since the injuries are stable. Thus it is important to contact a lawyer as soon as you are able to, to start the claim.

Assessment of Personal Injury Compensation

You are able to claim for your expenses incurred as a result of the accident. As long as they can be proved. Also, any lost income, which again has to be proved. Compensation for the injury has to be assessed by an expert doctor. The report is needed to claim against the person/entity who caused the accident or the insurance company. The first stage, therefore, after collection of the documents is to arrange an appointment with an expert doctor.


Documents would be medical reports, photographs, police report, and the receipts for expenses . We are able to assess up until this point an approximate idea of compensation, and if we feel there is a good case. However, until we have the doctor’s report we cannot advise exactly. Only a specialised doctor can assess the damage and injury and review this against the official scale of compensation paid per day for the damage.


We have been extremely successful with some personal injury claims. Keeping the paperwork is very important. As are photos, any police report and all medical reports. The first stage is to send us a brief history and the date and where it happened. Please contact us as soon as you can after an accident due to the time limitation period of one year.