COVID-19 / Coronavirus State of Alarm. How we can help.

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Covid-19/Coronavirus State of Alarm – Please see Articles under Resources for many articles with help on dismissals, with mortgages and for the self-employed if you are in difficulty.

We are still actively taking on new cases. The good thing is we do have a little more time to spend on studying these. Our offices are closed to the public for the time being but we continue to work.

Did you have a case that you have not had time to send the documentation to a lawyer to consider? Now is the time to contact us and provide us with paperwork. You may find that being at home and digging out old paperwork leads to a windfall for you in the future. Please bear in mind time limitations.

Tax Issues

If you had an issue with the tax office, then please let us know and we will do all we can. Tax Office currently may be more amenable to staged payment options etc. Our lawyer can still prepare appeals and advise
on the best way forward.


Those requiring Spanish Wills, (as many people wish to get these in place), we have started a list to arrange these. Although we currently cannot sign at the Notary, we are preparing the waiting lis. We can prepare the Wills ready to sign with certain information you can send by email. Then we will arrange an appointment for you to discuss them finally. And to sign as soon as it is possible. Please contact us to join the list.


Those with any labour issues, employers and employees, we remain at your service. It is business as usual. Especially for matters to do with dismissals and ERTE

Donations/Early Inheritance of Property

If we are currently in the middle of a transaction such as a donation, we are doing what we can to complete. We are succeeding in many cases. One positive of the current situation in Spain is that it will be some time, we are quite sure, before changes are made. We mean to other laws than those relating to the Covid-19/Coronavirus lockdown.

Thus before the Valencia Government or Murcia Government make any changes to tax free allowances or exemptions for inheritance tax. It has prolonged the window of opportunity to get an early inheritance made while tax free allowances are high. It is a very good time to discuss with us saving inheritance tax by making a donation or early inheritance of property. This can be done all over Spain by us.

Dissolution of Joint Ownership/Change of Joint Ownership

We are completing several of these transactions. We know there are still many people who have split (as partners or spouses) and remain co-owners of a property, but do not wish to be. It is possible to change the ownership, even without involving the Bank if there is a mortgage.

We can still discuss and start the process for this for properties all over Spain. Now is a good time to start arrange these sorts of issues that you may have put “on the back burner”.


Lastly, not implying by any means that close confinement with your partner during this Covid-19/Coronavirus lockdown is going to lead to a divorce. But maybe you were already starting to discuss this. Again, if you wish to proceed with this, please discuss it with us. We explain more in articles on our website regarding Notary and Court divorces.

Summary Covid-19/Coronavirus Lockdown – What we can do

With regard to many of the above issues, now is the time when you are at home perhaps self-isolating to contact us. Now is when you may be able to find paperwork in your attic or on your computer and send it to us. Now is when you are able to spend some time setting out a history of a case. We are here to assist and happy generally to provide initial advice free of charge.

Please do not worry, almost all of our cases are continuing as normal or just temporarily suspended. But we can advise on what can and can’t be done. Please do not think that everything has stopped as this is not the case.

Amanda is happy to answer any of your enquiries if you contact her.