Help With Repossession

Posted in: Civil Law

Many people will be needing help with repossession of their property after this crisis possibly. We are unfortunately entering into a severe economic recession. A lot of jobs will be lost and a great deal of businesses will not survive. However, the protection for consumers is now much stronger than in the last economic crisis.

Our Help with Repossession

We want to reassure clients that firstly we can help you with repossession issues. We have 18 years’ experience with this, we helped clients through the last crisis, and we will help you now, We can investigate, explain matters clearly and most importantly negotiate on your behalf with the Banks. Whether it is to prevent a problem leading to repossession. Or to try to arrange a “dacíon” or handing back of the keys if possible in an amicable and less expensive manner.

Mortgage Regulations

Currently, during the coronavirus crisis, help with paying mortgages has been made available as part of the new economic measures adopted during the State of Alarm. There are many regulations to prevent that Banks repossess properties easily based only on small breaches in contracts. So please do not worry unduly if you are in a difficult situation with the Bank. Your position to negotiate is now much better than before, even after the State of Alarm ends. Also we can help you and relatively inexpensively.

Please do not believe everything Banks tell you, as they are used to taking a hard line with their customers in the past. The world situation is different now and the law is different now. So please do not just ignore their communications, nor take decisions before getting advice from solicitors.

You could lose your rights.


Our basic message is do not try to deal with your problems with a mortgage alone. Or ignore them. It is best to check with a solicitor if you are starting to get into deep water with a Bank. It could save you a great deal of expense in the long run. And our initial comments are usually free. We will need to know the history, see a copy of the mortgage deed and know your repayment history. Please contact us if we can help you with any repossession issues.