Conveyancing or Buying and Selling in Spain

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Are you looking for conveyancing or buying and selling in Spain? A major recession is coming so buyers and sellers must choose the best legal representative available to avoid problems. Also to avoid paying extra in taxes, as is possible if you do not choose wisely.


The coming year could be a very good opportunity for buyers to purchase houses for a excellent prices. This is what happened in Spain in the property market crisis after 2008. A lot of people purchased houses at that time for a very good, low price. We also have the sun and we are part of the EU, so it is a much better place than other countries, like in North Africa or in Eastern Europe.

There are a lot of benefits and good reasons for buying in Spain at the moment. However, during a recession, some people do not act properly. Therefore you have to take extra care and make sure to check everything doubly.

When conveyancing or buying and selling in Spain, buyers must engage a registered solicitor to defend their interests. Only registered solicitors are independent, have the support of a Barrister College and Civil insurance in case something happens. You should not always trust the solicitor recommended by the Real company, because there could be a conflict of interest. We have more than eighteen years of experience, are recommended by the British Embassy and are not affiliated with any estate agents. You can trust us.


In a recession, owners can be in a hurry to sell a property and sometimes this urgency can lead to committing mistakes or paying extra in taxes.

It is very important to engage a registered solicitor to help you selling a house and to advise you in order to pay less taxes and expenses.

It is also important to check from the beginning the commission the Real Estate agent is charging. This is to avoid that you are drop the price but the agent is not dropping the commission. As then the price would still be high although you are making a big effort to sell the property as quickly as possible. This is when agents just ask you what price you want, and they put their commission on top.

Important Information for conveyancing or buying and selling in Spain.

It is essential not to sign any contract (not with the buyers nor with the agents) until a solicitor checks it first.

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